Speedy & Reliable

China/U.S. Dedicated Express Service

When shipping with BJEX, the dedicated international express service between China and the U.S., you can rest assured that your express shipments are in the hands of the most seasoned staff with decades of combined first-hand experience both in China and the U.S. express operations for providing the most reliable service available delivered by the world-leading infrastructure in the U.S. courier industry along with the cutting-edge IT technology for real-time on-line tracking.

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Decades of combined years of experience and expertise in the China/U.S. lane segment for express operations ranging from operations, customer service to IT solutions, serving the needs from businesses of all sizes, whether be Chinese or American companies.

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We offer two-tier of express services for China/U.S. lane segment:

  • Priority Express: expedited service
  • Economy Express: cost effective service

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Special Offer

In addition to the special rates for China/U.S. express shipments, BJE offers to waive the Residential Delivery Surcharge for the three metropolitan cities of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco where the Chinese communities are densely populated.

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